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Why Vega Organics

Hi My name is Nadia Vega, I have been working as an actress and performer since I was 9 years old. Almost everyday of my life I have been “covered” with heavy make up and as a result used many cleansers, face creams and so called “miracle” beauty treatments.


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Never once did I question what might be in them or the impact it might be having on my health or the environment. It was only whilst living in Australia for my university years that I began to look at and learn about the ingredients in my skin care products. Wow, what an eye opener!

The more I researched, the more concerns I had about the long term effects of using these products.  I learned that not only chemicals, preservatives and synthetic fragrances and ingredients are used in just about all commercial cosmetics,skin & hair care, personal hygiene and even baby care products but so many of the ingredients are derived from Palm oil which is so harmful to our precious environment, particularly here in Indonesia.

Vega Organics

The result is 5 years of research, experimenting,testing and refining to finally bring Vega Organics to market.

Creating a 100% organic product here in Indonesia proved more challenging than I could ever have imagined.

We have not yet achieved our goal of 100% organic despite years of trying to not compromise on our core beliefs, but we will never stop trying.

We can however now offer a 100% natural, *wildcrafted & organic wherever possible product range that is 100% chemical palm oil & cruelty free.

I quickly switched to “natural” products but never thought to actually read the ingredient list, I was just convinced by the  label claims and pretty images of plants and nature. Feeling good that I was being environmentally friendly and caring for myself in a way that was gentle and close to nature. I was shocked and angry to find I had been “Green washed”. So many so called natural & organic products are SO expensive, when I learned that  I was paying for on average 75% & as high as 85% water, preservatives, emulsifiers and other synthetic and unnecessary ingredients with a tiny drop of “nature”,  I felt deceived and ripped off but determined to find a way.


I developed a passion for all things organic and an obsession for reading labels. The volume of information, much of it conflicting was overwhelming and I was out of my depth so I enlisted the help of my Aunt whose background is in natural skin & health care.

I tried to find honest organic skin care but really struggled, especially here in Indonesia, when I could find it, it was always overpriced & on further investigation (obsessive label reading is a thing) not so organic or even natural & so with the help of my Aunt I began to make my own.


With my new found knowledge and passion I wanted everybody to learn what I had. I strongly believe It is a conversation we need to have, everybody needs to know about the impact chemical overuse is having on our health and our environment and become aware of the false and misleading claims made by the multi billion dollar “beauty Industry”  I was determined to create a truly organic skincare range in Indonesia that was affordable, truthful and without all of the usual hype, marketing and false claims.

Handcrafted with love

At Vega Organics we believe that nature provides everything we need for true health and beauty.

Our products are formulated with potent cell supporting and rejuvenating natural ingredients designed to work with our bodies own healing systems.


Vega organics range are handcrafted in small batches and come to you with loving intentions and the utmost care.

At Vega Organics we live by the simple beauty of our skin-conditioning oils, butters & extracts from nature and that ís why our labels are not slathered in inflated marketing claims or sneaky language.


We won't waste your time ( OR YOUR MONEY) throwing around exaggerated claims of miracles.

If we are to nourish our skin, we must be informed readers of the labels on the products we choose.


Be discerning about the products you choose to nourish your skin and take the time to think about the fact and the fiction behind product label and claims.

We do not fill our products with cheap fillers, chemicals and false claims of miracles.

We believe that nature provides us with everything we need.

When you choose to purchase a Vega Organics skin Care product you can be assured that you have chosen not only a great, effective & natural product, but you have also joined us on our mission to create more honesty  in the skin care industry and to honour our health, well being and that of our beautiful Mother, Earth.

If you desire to make a difference in the world, you must be different from the world